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01. Tax Advisory Services

Tax Advisory Services

We will solve Japanese tax and accounting issues upon investment and doing business in Japan. Our professionals who have experience working for both professional firms and multinationals will provide advisory services and compliance services. We are able to have phone calls or meetings with management and/or headquarters.

​Main area of Tax Advisory Services

  • ​Tax structuring upon investment into and doing business in Japan

  • Tax advice on building tax efficient business model based on functional analysis

  • Permanent establishment risk analysis

  • Tax and accounting advisory services for TK-GK structure

  • Tax and accounting advisory services for renewable energy business

  • ​Tax and accounting advisory services for trading companies

  • Tax advice on building financial flow with foreign affiliates

  • Review of contracts with foreign affiliates from Japanese tax perspective 

  • Tax advice on tax treaty applications and preparation of application forms

  • Tax advice on withholding tax levied on cross boarder transactions

  • Tax advice on consumption tax (Japanese VAT) levied on cross boarder transactions

  • Tax advice on appropriate financing to Japan considering thin capitalization rules etc.

  • Tax advice on cash repatriation to a foreign parent company

  • Tax advice on reorganization and M&A

  • Tax advice on transfer pricing documentation (not including benchmark study) 

  • Tax advice on director remuneration arrangements in order to treat it as tax-deductible

  • Tax advice on withdrawal from a Japanese market or liquidation of a Japanese entity

  • Preparation of a tax memo or opinion letter

Inquiries about Tax Advisory Services

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