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04. Inheritance Tax & Business Succession Planning

Inheritance Tax

Since the 2013 tax reform in Japan, the base deduction for inheritance tax purposes has been reduced and heirs who are required to file inheritance tax returns have increased. Inheritance tax procedures for decedents with foreign nationality are complex upon consideration of applicable laws, valuation of foreign assets etc. Our advisors who have experiences of international inheritance tax will support you.

  • Tax advice upon consideration of applicable foreign inheritance laws

  • Support of communication with foreign attorneys

  • ​Support of preparation of an agreement of division of inheritance from tax perspective

  • Asset valuation for inheritance tax purposes including foreign assets 

  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns

  • Work with judicial scriveners, if necessary

​Business Succession Planning

Certain incentive plans for business succession of small and medium sized companies are available in Japan. The requirements and procedures are very complex. We have certified as a Support Agency of Business Innovation by METI and will support planning, implementation and monitoring of business succession. We will also deal with business succession plans where a business owner owns foreign companies and assets. 

  • ​Support of planning of business succession to meet requirements of the tax incentive plan

  • Support of implementation of business succession plannings

  • Follow up of business succession plannings after implementation 

Inquiries for Inheritance Tax & Business Succession Planning

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