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02. Tax & Accounting Compliance Services

Tax & Accounting Compliance Services

Tax and accounting rules and regulations are getting complicated in Japan. We will support tax and accounting operation in a timely manner so that you can focus on your business. Based on continuous involvement, we accumulate daily concerns and expectations and reflect those to annual closing and tax return preparation. We understand the current tax and accounting position of your Japanese entities so that we will provide proactive advice and proposals to you and your headquarters.

​Ongoing Services 

  • General tax and accounting advisory services

  • Periodical meeting

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of corporate income tax returns and consumption tax returns and e-tax filing

  • ​Translation of main schedule of tax returns 

  • Specific tax topics such as international taxation, reorganization taxation etc. are to be done by "Tax Advisory Services"

Optional Services 

  • Reporting to headquarters

  • Support of tax audit 

  • Interpretation upon tax audit

  • Audit support

  • Tax reports with the competent tax offices 

  • Bookkeeping 

  • Payroll 

  • Preparation of depreciation assets tax returns and annual withholding tax reports 

  • ​Preparation of TK financial statements

  • Preparation of tax provision reports 

  • Preparation of deferred tax reports 

  • Preparation of individual tax returns for expatriates​

  • Preparation of dissolution/liquidation tax returns, tax report upon withdrawal from a Japanese market  


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