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03. Supporting Start-Ups

Supporting Start-Ups

We are able to support start-ups in every stage, 1) feasibility study, 2) entity formation, 3) operation after establishment.

​Advisory Services

  • Support of determination of appropriate type of entity doing business in Japan

  • ​Instruction of general rules of tax and accounting in Japan

  • Support of determination of an appropriate business model in Japan based on functional analysis

  • Analysis if a company is beneficial to be a consumption tax payer or not

  • Tax advice on building financial flows with foreign affiliates

  • Maintenance of contracts with foreign affiliates from Japanese tax perspective

  • ​Support of building of accounting flows after an entity establishment 

Entity formation

  • Preparation of documents in English and Japanese including articles of incorporation

  • Certification of articles of incorporation

  • Registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau 

Advisory Services

  • Preparation of initial tax reports with the competent tax offices 

  • Support of introduction of an accounting system

  • ​Support to open bank account in Japan

  • We have a network of relevant experienced professionals such as judicial scriveners (legal registration), administrative scriveners (VISA application), labor and social security attorneys.  

Inquiries for Supporting Start-Ups

​Contact Us

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